Murphy's Laws of Locksmithing

An Irish bartender named Murphy is credited with a large and still growing (despite his death) number of laws relating to the likely hood of difficulties. Some thing Murphy was a pessimist. True Pessimists feel he was unduly optimistic and fear that things are really much worse. Here are a few of the laws that apply to Locksmithing.

I wrote this myself in 1996. I put it up on my site. Some one saw it and published it to a locksmith e-mail list with out crediting me. I was later contacted by the Murphy's laws site and gave them permission to reprint it.

In the July-August 1997 issue of Keynotes it appeared with the notation that it was reprinted with permission of TAOL Magazine. It would appear that The Association of Ontario Locksmiths liked it and printed it. I am willing to let anyone make use of it provided that I am credited as the author. If it is being used commercially and the publisher customerily pays for submissions then the check should be sent to me. I do object to having my work used with out credit being given to me or being sold by others as if they had rights to it.You may use it but credit me.

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