"The Pentax PocketJet is light and quick; text output is superb, and it's small enough to carry in your computer bag all the time."

August, 1996

PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award

"Its speed, excellent print quality, and small size earn the PocketJet top honors as the take-me anywhere printer, ..."

August, 1995

Mobile Office of the Year - 1994

"And despite the fact that the PocketJet can fit into your pocket, it sports some amazing specs: 300 dpi, two page-per-minute output capability, and PCL4 emulation."

January, 1995

PC Laptop Editors' Choice

"... the PocketJet is a marvel of miniaturization. It's easy to use too. Just switch to the Windows HP LaserJet IIP setting, give yourself 23 seconds and voilá - a sharp 8.5" x 11" printout."

January, 1996

Mobility Award Winner

"Congratulations on your significant achievement as a recipient of one of the annual Mobility Awards. The winners were determined by a distinguished Mobility Awards Committee, comprised of 22 top industry analysts and press."

Dr. J. Gerry Purdy, president and CEO of Mobile Insights - March, 1996

Consumer Electronics Show Award Selected by a panel of industry experts for its design and engineering achievements at the 1995 Winter Consumer Electronics Show.

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