Myths about Pentax Thermal Paper

Myth #1 Thermal paper curls when printed

Wrong. You must be thinking about the rolls of thermal paper that are used in old fax machines. But not our 20 lb. cut-sheet paper. Not curled, is it?

Myth #2 Thermal paper is too glossy.

Wrong again.Pentax Thermal paper is only lightly coated with aheat-sensitive dye that is barely visible. Unlike thermal fax paper, you can write on our paper and even use water-based highlighters.

Myth #3 Thermal paper ages poorly

Unless you work on the beach or leave it on the dashboard of your car for days, a document printed on Pentax thermal paper will hold its sharp image for at least ten years under normal office filing conditions.

Myth #4 It's not readily available.

Our paper is available through the same resellers that carry the PocketJet and will be available through office supply stores and catalogs in the very near future. You can also order paper paper directly from Pentax. And in a pinch, the PocketJet will print on the thermal paper used by most hotel fax machines.

Myth #5 Thermal paper is expensive.

Not really. Our paper is the only consumable you need. 100-sheet box of letter-size paper costs $7.99, so your cost is 8c per page, no matter how much text or graphics coverage there is! That's a lot cheaper than thermal transfer printers, and very competitive with ink jet printers.

Myth #6 it can't be used for letterhead.

Sure it can. Just contact john Bousquet at 650-872-0274 for complete information on how you can imprint your letterhead, logos or other pre-printed items. Look at the price list.

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