Confused by a control, master, and change key? Need to cross-key a cylinder? Your once-a-year job pinning Russwin I-Cores just came in?

PIN: Pin it Now!

This program tells you what pins to use in a cylinder. It will store the master key and control key (if needed) for each job, then display or print a pinning chart for each change key that you use. Type in change keys one at a time, or download a list of change keys generated by your master keying program.

Note: This is NOT a master keying program. Instead, it tells you how to pin a cylinder to work with a given set of keys.

It covers:
Standard cylinders Arrow Lockwood Segal
Interchangeable cores ASSA Master/Dexter Weiser
Master ring cylinders Best Medeco Weslock
Small and large plugs Corbin National Yale
OEM and universal pins Falcon Russwin Keymark
Selective master keys Ilco Sargent
Cross-keying Kwikset Schlage

PIN is great for those jobs where you have a number of cylinders to pin up, but don't want to do all the pin calculations in your head

Do you have a customer who calls you once a year with an odd keying system that you handle only for him? Do you have to relearn his cylinders each time? It's easy with PIN. Just store any control or master key for his location, and then type in a change key and follow the pin chart.

In many cases you don't even have the correct pin kit and you try to make do with a universal kit. With PIN you just select the kit you use and drop in the pins. It tells you which bottom pins, master pins, build-up pins, and top pins to use.

PIN: Pin it Now! is for IBM-compatible computers using Windows 3.1 or higher. It uses less than 1h meg of space on your hard drive. A printer is useful but not required.

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