Electronic Funds Transfer

Some of our customers may wish to pay by Electronic Funds Transfer. This is especially true of foreign customers. All sales are paid in Us Dollars. Foreign purchasers can pay by by an International Cashiers Check payable in US funds. Where mailing this check causes a delay in processing the order, you may want to pay bu funds transfer.

  1. Your bank will charge you a fee to send the funds. This fee is not included in my price to you.
  1. My bank charges $10.00 US to accept a funds transfer. This is not included in the price and you need to add $10.00 to the amount remitted to cover this fee.
  1. After sending the funds, email me and/or fax me the order and the fact that you sent the funds electronically. The bank does not notify me that it has rteceived the money automatically. I will need to contact the bank and ask. Therefore it is important that you contact me with all the information about the transfer and amount of transfer so I can ask the bank about the transfer and verify receipt of funds.
  1. Besure to include shipping. You may want to get a quote. Unless otherwise requested we ship surface International Parcel Post . Our second choice is International Express Mail. We find other alternatives are more expensive. If you have a FedEx number and so desire we can ship it FedEx charged you to your account. FedEx will allow you to charge any import duty your government imposes to that account. There are cases where the additional cost of FedEx saves money by enforcing an alternative class of mnerchandise in a customs declaration over a class determined by your government's customs. ( A Fax-on-Demand computer card declared as a "Telephone Accessory" will be reclassified as a "Computer Part" in a Postal Shippment, but my when the shipment is assisted by a Fed EX customs broker)
  1. Shipments do not include any Import Duty that your govenment may impose. Such duty is any must be paid at the time you pick up the merchandise. FedEx shipment charged to you FedEX number can charge this duty to your account. )(see above note)

Remittance Information.

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