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Qtronix manufactures keyboards, trackballs, keyboards with built in trackballs, mice, Internet Mice,and cordless mice,.

PC Devices

Part Number Picture Description Price


KB980TPU+ (K5) Multimedia PS/2 r keyboard with Integrated Trackball + Wrist Pad - White

( USB adapter for trackball only. Keyboard is PS/w only

KBK2 Standard 107 PS/2 Keyboard – White or black $12.00
KB35PU/Net Scorpius 35 PU/NET Heavy Duty Mechanical Key switch keyboard with a built in Jumbo Trackball. Perfect for industrial usage such as controlling machinery..

. White - PS/2 Connection only

KB2KPBlack Scorpius 2K 16 inch compact PC keyboard, Compact design - Its unique Rubber mechanical contact system guarantees a long service life and reliability. Great for 1U Rack or POS System. $38.00
KBK3NTP Super Slim Compact Multimedia PS/2 keyboard with Integrated Trackball $38.00
KBK3NTU Super Slim Compact Multimedia USB keyboard with Integrated Trackball $40.00
Gemini-N1 Gemini N1 The "Gemini-N1" wireless combo delivers a maximum blend of comfort, convenience, and flexibility. Whether you are at your desk or on the go, it sets a new standard in design. This ultra-flat keyboard, with full-size typing layout and full-travel keys fi $28.00
KBM1 MS Office Multimedia Keyboard PS/2 $14.00
SCP12 Scorpius P12 This new keyboard provides the expert controls to optimize what you do when you want to do it. The enhanced function key commands bring new efficiency to the things you do often. $19.00
SCP21 Scorpius P21 Upgrade your PC's keyboard to the ione Media Keyboard and enjoy premium comfort, high style, and a variety of extra buttons to make your digital media experience easier and more fun. $12.00
SCP20 Scorpius P20 The best Slim Keyboard with Integrated Thumbstick with Full mouse funtionality. featuring 2.4 Ghz wireless connectivity with the range up to 33ft. Superb for $45.00
SCP6 Scorpius P6 The touchpad keyboard - Scorpius P6 has an enhanced slim design, which works with any IBM PS/2 compatible computer. As there is no need for an additional mouse, this keyboard is the perfect match for home entertainment or industrial needs. Utilizing the l $80.00
SCP7 Scorpius P7 The trackball-keyboard - Scorpius P7 has an enhanced slim design, which works with any IBM PS/2 compatible computer. As there is no need for an additional mouse, this keyboard is the perfect match for home entertainment or industrial needs. Utilizing the $100.00


MSK1P 3 Button Standard Wheel Mouse – PS/2 Black $7.00
MSM9 Lynx M9 stylish Mouse that looks great on your desk. Use it on just about any surface because it records motion optically with an ultra-precise sensor instead of with a ball, no moving parts to break or get dirty.And its rounded shape nestles comfortably into you $7.50
MSL7 R 3 Button Mini Optical Mouse – USB+PS/2 black retractable cable $12.00
MSM7 Lynx M7 With its new scroll button and desktop orientation, it would be a pity not to use it. It is faster (800 DPI) and, as we said before, it saves on power. Pearl Whit color). $21.50
Lynx P11 Lynx P11 This ione convertible mini mouse is like having 2 different sizes mouse. It can be transform from a Mini mouse to a Full Size mouse with a comfortable palm crading cover. It comes with rechargable cable supplying power from the USB receiver to the mouse.. $24.00
Libra N1 Libra N1 When giving presentations, now you can focus on connecting with your audience, not with your computer. The ione wireless Presenter gives you remote control of your onscreen presentation from just about anywhere in the room. You won't have to stand next t $62.00
Libra P5 Libra P5 ione 2.4 GHz wireless presenter mouse with built in laser pointer is the only all in one kit you need to bring with you. Take advantage of its 33 foot range to control your presentation while moving around the room with confidence. No software require $38.00


TB90PU 3 Button Large Trackball – white USB+PS/2 $43.00
TB35PU/Net 2 Button Wrist Pad trackball – PS/2 + USB (Work perfectly with KB2KP for 19" rack mount use) $43.00
I have 1 new but out of warrantee with an RS232 connector (serial)


KBK7 19 Keys Numerical Keypads – PS/2 (Silver) $24.00
KBN4 17 keys Numerical keypad with optical mouse function $25.00
SC22 Scorpius 22 POS (Point of Sale) keypad with great clicking feel on the mechanical key switch
USB - Beige Color , RS232 Serial- Black Color, PS/a+AT - Black color.
SC32 Scorpius 32 Proferssionl numerical keypad with 32 mechinical key switch PS/2 & AT connection. $49.00

Macintosh Devices
ADB Devices are discontinued. Subject to stock on hand.

Part Number Item Picture Description Price Quan
Libra 35 adb Trackball Wrist rest with built-in trackball; soft cushions for wrist support when typing; reliable micro-xv ADB port connector $34 5
Scprpius 105 adb Keyboard

Standard Macintosh 105 key layout; rubber mechanical key switches; ADB port connector; attrative modem styling

$33 4
Scorpius 19 adb Keypad

Unique 19 key keypad; built-in mini-trackball; mechanical key switches; ADB port connector

$40 5
Libra 90 adb Trackball

Full size desktop trackball; button locking function; reliable micro-switches; ADB port connector

$33 1


All products are warranteed for 1 year from date of sale by manyfacturer to reseller (or end user if sold direct) . Warrantee repair requires you contact me for an RMA ( Return Materials Authorization) number. Return the product direct to the manufacturer with the RMA number on the package and a note inside with your contact information, the RMA number and the complaint. They will repair or replace and send it back. You pay shipping to them and they pay shipping back. No refunds will be made even if defective if it is not returned complete including all packaging. It needs to be in saleable condition once repaired. Warrantee is good in the US only. They will not ship a new keyboard in advance of receiving your RMA,

The mesaurements in the specifications are in millimeters.
here is another metric converter

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