Spruce up your safe combination selection process with

SCG: Safe Combination Generator

This little Windows program will select random safe combinations for you. You can specify each job name and store the characteristics of the lock. Then each time you change a combination you can instantly print out a new random combination. You won't get trapped into using the same numbers over and over again.

Opening screen

Select a type of lock or a company name from those you've stored earlier. The screen reviews the dial range, the forbidden zone, and the ending digits.

If you don't like the combination that's shown, just click for a new one.

Print it when you're ready.

Setup screen for each job or lock type

Store various values for each entry:

Dial range
Number of wheels
Forbidden zone
Distance between consecutive numbers
Distance between any numbers
Digits allowed on numbers
Final turning motion

When you make up combinations in your head you will tend to repeat numbers. Combinations selected by this program are much more random.

If you don't like a combination because it repeats a number from the previous safe change, just generate a new one instantly. If you send an employee out on a job, give him three or four already printed out and let him select one at the job site.


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