Universal Monitor Stand

Xtend discontinued the S001 and S003 stand
the S002 did not make it into production

The following stands are by a rival manufacturer

Your choice $79.95 each


SKU# 201437 Manufacturer Part No. UN0940-10
Sales Description The Mobility Premium Monitor Stand is a space-saving necessity designed to raise peripherals and other accessories above the desktop while providing extra storage space under the stand. It is designed to accommodate all combinations of portable computers and Port Replicators by providing access to various expansion slots, bays and drives. The Mobility Premium Monitor Stand incorporates a rolling tray for storing your notebook PC and Port Replicator completely under the monitor stand, yet keeping them easily accessible. The Mobility Premium Monitor Stand simultaneously maximizes desk space while minimizing cable clutter.
Key Buying Points
  • Surface are is large enough for 17" and 21" monitors, printers, scanners and other notebook peripherals
  • Engineered to support monitors, printers and other peripherals to 165 lbs
  • Designed to maximize desk space and minimize clutter
Product Dimensions & Warranty Information Physical Dimensions Box Unit
  • Length    20
  • Width/Depth   16.25
  • Height    4.125
  • Weight   7.1
  • Length    15
  • Width/Depth   14
  • Height    6
  • Weight   5.5
Warranty Standard Warranty - Lifetime

Targus Monitor Stand

SKU# 049932 Manufacturer Part No. PA230U
Key Buying Points
The Targus 6 inch tall computer monitor stand featuring a built-in, wheeled slide out tray that gives you quick and easy access to all ports, drives, bays, and PC Card slots through its open architecture design. The Targus computer monitor stand features the same shape and design as the current 8 inch tall monitor stand (PA240U), yet it can still hold up to a 100 lb monitor, setting it at an ergonomically correct height allowing up to an extra 1 1/2 square feet of valuable desk space.

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