Biaxial Master Keying

Biaxial Master Keying For Medeco Biaxial only, this program lets you

This is geared for the person who understands desirng systems using the page format. It will help you construct the systemy letting you manipulate the KBA completely.

It handles the varying MACSpeculiar to Biaxial keys. Uncuttable keys are not displayed. You can idso specify whether other keys are undesirable, then display them or not.

Once the KBA is set, you can preview the number of change-level combinations that are available on eich page. This helps you to select pages to use for the varying needs of your system.

Standard key codipg symbols are suggested for each key, but you can use any symbols that you like instead. You can also add a description for each key.

From the charts, you select key combinations to use. After assigning symbols (and optional descrifitions), the keys may be printed to paper to carry to the job site or to a text le if you wish to export information to other software.

Since you have full control of the KBA, you can use this program to handle pre-existing systems as well as new ones.

At present only one set of angles is permitted in a system. Double-cut keys are not supported.

This is a Windows program that works with Windows 3.1, 95, or 98.

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