The material on the locksmith pages are for sale to locksmiths only. The purchaser must submit proof that they are licenced professional locksmiths. A photo copy of a state issued locksmith license, membership credential in any state or national locksmithing association, or photo copy of a yellow pages ad with city business licence will be acceptable as proof. Institutional locksmith can purchase with a company purchase order.


Since Blackhawk Products do not use dates in the program there is no Y2K problem. with these products

Blackhawk Products introduced Codes on Disk for Window on April 1,1996. This is affordable software at its best. Blackhawk's codes are the most accurate available--- We don't just scan them; we CHECK them. And they're easy to use. Just type in the code and the program looks it up. No further questions, no guessing games; just fast results. And on April 1 they're available in a version to work smoothly in the Windows environment!

At Blackhawk Products, we take pride in producing software for the locksmith industry that is not only the easiest to use but also the most accurate and as compact as possible.

Software is seldom error-free, of course. ("There's always another bug.") We are indebted to our customers for pointing out errors and suggesting ways to improve the software.

We occasionally compare our codes with others and have too often found that their software contains errors that do not exist in their code books!

We strive to keep our programs and data compact. All our software combined ( see LEASE) takes under 4 meg of hard drive space. This is due to efficient packing of data.

Our LEASE program lets you computerize a service van with low cash outlay. And don't forget our 100% accurate progression charts.

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