COD: Codes on Disk

Would you like the fastest full code program available? This is is it!

COD has excellent automotive coverage, including descriptions of the years a series was in use. It has extensive coverage of shop codes, including a large selection of codes by CCL, Chicago, Hudson, Illinois, Master, National, Pundra, Yale, and others. Padlocks: Master, American, Yale, and some Dudley.

If you don't find the code in COD, you probably won't find it anywhere else either.

Windows and DOS Versions

COD is available in both Windows and DOS versions. The content is the same for both. You get the same great collection of codes, ease of use, accuracy, clear displays, labeling capacity, compactness, and customer support no matter which version you choose.

The Windows version prints accurate code cards using any printer . It works with Windows 3.1, 95 and 98.

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