The material on the locksmith pages are for sale to locksmiths only. The purchaser must submit proof that they are licenced professional locksmiths. A photo copy of a state issued locksmith license, membership credential in any state or national locksmithing association, or photo copy of a yellow pages ad with city business licence will be acceptable as proof. Institutional locksmith can purchase with a company purchase order.

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If you add information to KBX by adding labels, you may want to search these labels for things you've added. For example, if you added a label "Geo Storm" to a group of blanks, you could search for the string "storm" and find that label back, along with the attached blank. This can be a powerful tool for those who have added plenty of good information in the labels.

If you are trying to recall a certain blank but can't quite remember which one it is, you might use the wild-card feature. Or if part of the blank number has been worn off, you could type "1054??" to locate all blanks 1054DL, 1054MT, 1054TW, 1054UN, 1054WC, and so on.

If you have a new blank you want to add to the program, but there is no group to attach it to, just add it as a label to a dummy blank. You can then search for the new blank as a label, and find it (and any substitutes you've added) almost the same as if it were in the regular list of blanks. Two hundred dummy blanks are available for your use.

If you have added your own hook numbers as labels, and notice that your employee has emptied a hook without ordering, you can find out what to reorder by searching the labels for your hook number.

KBX DELUXE has the same machine requirements as the regular KBX. You can upgrade at any time for the difference in price and still preserve the labels that you put on the regular version.


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