Scallop designed pre-printed border certificate paper

Here Are some sample borders

Some slight color differences may occure between the actual stock
and the scanned image on your computer


2RBS31 Royal Blue
28 lb. Bright White
2GRS31 Currency
28 lb. Bright White
no center pattern

2RDS31 Red
28 lb. Bright White
2GDS31 Gold
28 lb. Bright White

28 lb. Bright White
8BZS31 Bronze
28 lb. Bright White

8RBS32Royal Blue
24 lb. Natural Parchment
2RBS34 Royal Blue
24 lb. Aged Parchment

8WNS31 Wine
28 lb. Bright White
8GDS32 Gold
24 lb. Natural Parchment

2PLS31 Plum
28 lb. Bright White
Box of 100 -8 1/2 X 11 sheets Standard weight
1-4 Boxes 5-10 11+
$39.95 ea $35.95 ea $32.95 ea
Inside border area: 6 1/8 X 8 1/2

Heavy Weight Papers

Q-2RBS35 Royal Blue
40 lb. Bright White
Q-2OGS35 Gold Metalic
40 lb. Bright White
Box of 50 -8 1/2 X 11 sheets Heavyweight
1-4 Boxes 5-10 11+
$34.00 ea $30.00 ea $26.00 ea
Inside border area: 6 1/8 X 8 1/2

11 X 14 Custom Order

Scallop design paper is available in letter size as stock in the above colors. I can have 11 X 14 made up in the scallop design on 28 lb bright white paper as a custom print job in any of the above colors. All custom prints orders require a minimum order of 1000 sheets.

1000 sheets 2000 sheet
$960.00 $1,660.00

Ocasionally I order extra paper with an order. If I have some it will be sold at the following rates for what ever colors I happen to have available. ( I have a limited quantity of Royal Blue at the moment)
1/2 Pack (50 sheets) of 100 1 Pack of 100 2-4 Packs of 100 5-8 packs of 100
$75 $125 $115 ea $100 ea

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