Protect your documents against alteration

Security Paper

These papers now offer businesses and schools protection against document alteration. The printed background rnsures against erasure, security features are embedded in the background; and authenticity can be confirmed with a touch of liquid bleach

Each paper is unique to the customer who purchases them. This uniqueness prevents a paper for one customer being used to forge a document of another user. Personalization is mandatory.

The Paper has the following security features:

  1. each sheet of paper carries a unique corporate identification
  2. A patented latent image appears, but only when photocopied. The latent words that appear when photocopied are determined by the customer. For example: . The customer's name can also appear as a latent image and further customize the paper.
  3. The hidden words that appear when photocopied, cover and protect the entire page
  4. Text printed in white either is distorted or disappear when photocopied
  5. Some pages include warning within the borders
  6. Erasure marks will remove the ink from the paper and will be promptly detected
  7. Special page identification numbers can be printed when document tracking capability is required
  8. If the paper is touched with fresh liquid bleach, the paper stains. A stain indicates authentic Paper

You can use a standard latent image chosen from a selection at no additional charge or have a custom background image screened for $2,800.00. Custom backgrounds can have your own text and logos.

This is a one-time fee to create the screen. Each order requires a one-time art/plate charge of $265.00 to create the visible printing including any reversed type on the edge borders.

If you use a standard latent image, then you can personalize the paper with the art plate and not have to pay a screen fee.

You can have your letterhead or a form printed on the paper at no additional charge as part of the art plate fee as long as it is in the same color of ink as the background.

You can use the following ink colors at no additional charge. They are listed in descending order of preference. (The best results are listed first)

Preference Color Panatone Equivalent
1 Blue #281
2 Grey  
3 Burgundy #202
4 Green #564
5 Red #199
6 Purple #268

Some colors will not work with this process. There will be a surcharge of $65.00 to buy another color of ink not listed above. Only Inks with a significant black component can be used for the background image to emerge when copied. Lighter shades will not work.

Your Logo copy submitted for printing needs to be a slick, disk, or clean camera-ready copy. The importance of clean copy for reproduction can not be overemphasized. I am inclosing a price list. Orders are in multiples of 3,000 sheet cartons. All orders must be prepaid. We will get you the shipping charges on your order when a quantity and destination is obtained.

Prices Per 1,000 sheets

Sheets Cartons One Color
One side/ M
Two Colors OR
Second Side/ M
One Time Art/Plate Charge $265.00
Custom Latent Image Screen $3,000.00
Freight Charges Added to final invoice

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