Design beautiful, professional quality certificates with Baudville's Award Maker 2001 software for Windows and Macintosh computers. From the mailroom to the executive suites, from first grade to Ph.D., nothing motivates people quite like personal recognition. Choose from hundreds of printable graphics and unique designs to create your own specialty certificate. You'll get so creative you'll deserve an award yourself!

  AwardMaker 2001

See below for a list of what is included in AwardMaker 2001

System Requirements

  • For AwardMaker you will need 800X600 True Color display monitor,225 MB hard drive space and a CD ROM for installation
  • Additionally for Windows you will need Win 98, 2000, NT4.0, XP32 MB RAM (64 preferred) Pentium 75 (Pentium 166 preferred)
  • Additionally for MacIntosh you will need OS 8.5, 48 MB RAM (64 preferred) Power Mac 120 (G3 preferred)
Windows CD 13726A $159.00   Mac CD 13727A $159.00

Included with AwardMaker 2001


AwardMaker 2001 Professional Version
  • Award Maker 2001
  • T.E.A.M.Clipart-250 Images
  • The Font Bundle - 150 fonts
  • Border Collection - 171 images
Windows CD 13731A $359.00
Mac CD 13732A $359.00

AwardMaker 2001 PMaster Edition
  • Award Maker 2001
  • T.E.A.M. , Education, Recognition I & Recognition II Clipart-250 Images per CD
  • The Font Bundle - 150 fonts plus the TEAM font
  • Border Collection - 171 images
Windows CD 13733A $489.00
Mac CD 13734A $489.00

Clip Art Collections

T.E.A.M. Clipart

250 images Win/Mac CD

12853 - $110.00

Border Collection

250 images Win/Mac CD

12496T - $110.00

Recognition Clipart I

250 images Win/Mac CD

12823 - $110.00

Recognition Clipart II

250 images Win/Mac CD

12821 - $110.00

Education. Clipart

250 images Win/Mac CD

12822 - $110.00

Five CD Clipart Bundle

Get all five Clipart CDs plus Font CD Bundle at substantial Savings! This collection of CDs includes more than 1,171 images and 150 fonta from fun to professional/ Clipart is jpg and PNG format! WIN/MAC CD

12836 - $325.00

Font Collections

Preferred Award Fonts Headliner Fonts Wild & Wooley Fonts

Font CD Bundle!

You get our 3 Font Collections, Preferred Award Fonts, Headliner Fonts, Wild & Wooley Fonts - 50 fonts per collection, 150 fonts in the CD Bundle
Windows CD 13207 $110.00
Mac CD 13413 $110.00

TEAM Font - Looks Like Clipart, Acts Like A Font!

This font provides 56 fun, yet practical, icons you can use with any software application! Simply specify TEAM Font in your application, type the keyboard character assigned to the icon of your choice and voila! Now , like any other font, you can add more icons, resize and color to your hearts content.

Windows CD 13524 $59.99
Mac CD 13525 $59.99

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