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The URL's listed below are provided for your assistance they are references to other organizations home pages. These pages provide access to many useful sources of downloadable tools, graphics and, help screens. I am not responsible for their content and some links may not work and some areas may be under construction. However they are still quite valuable resources.

These URL's are outside the JFBDTP pages. There is no automated return from them. You will need to use "Back" or "GO" commands or use a bookmark to return to JFBDTP.

If any of the Web pages have moved, please report their new location to me so I can replace the URL. Some of these webs are very busy and you may not be able to connect. If you connect to a web site and that site has a bad link, report the link to the Webmaster of that web site, not to me. If you know of other Web pages that warrant addition her, please e-mail me. How to Contact JFBDTP

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single mom grants - Sound Financial Advise for Single Moms.

bba in marketing - If you want to earn a degree while working from well recognized Universities and Colleges -Contact The Degree Experts.

elearning platform-RM is the leading provider of learning platforms to education in the UK. We help teachers to teach and learners to learn.

MBA Colleges - JustColleges offers a list of colleges and universities across the world and the degree programs they offer online.

Educational Software RM is the leading provider of educational software in the UK. We help teachers to teach and learners to learn.

Presentation Skills, Communication & Public Speaking - Learn to excel in your presentation skills, public speaking and communication skills with expert training from Skillstudio Limited in London and across the UK and Europe

Online colleges and Universities-an educational directory that helps kids find information on colleges around the nation. In addition, there are resources on careers and obtaining an online degree.

Solar Panel Installation Training School - Receive professional training in solar PV installation and design from ISPQ-accredited Ontario Solar Academy.Perfect for launching a green career.

Foreign Schools

Personal SIA Licence - .Get Licensed offers classroom based and distance learning Personal SIA licence training course.

SIA security jobs -Get your SIA security license in three easy steps. Enroll in our close protection training in the private security industry.

Studera Utomlands - Vi erbjuder dig utbildningar på erkända college och universitet runt om i världen. Du kan prova på att studera utomlands någon termin som Study Abroad-student eller läsa en hel yrkesutbildning utomlands. Nästan alla utbildningar är godkända av CSN..

english courses oxford - We have something for everyone including General English; IELTS, Cambridge and TOEFL/TOEIC exam preparation courses; Business English and Internships. Take your pick from our wide range of courses!.

Distance Learning Courses Online in Business and Management - Kick-start your career with flexible online distance learning courses: our range of UK-accredited management and professional qualifications is perfect for UKand international students..

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