David M House's Master Keying Program

No Y2K issuse have been reported, but this is a DOS program and works perfectly under Windowsn 95, and 98. Some users have made it work with newer windows systems. They do lack a DOS print driver Andersonusers have saved the dile and printed with another application. We have no technical support available.

At last - The Unadvertised Master Key Program that generates systems which you can use!

The master key programs allow you to create your own systems, rebuild existing systems, extend those that have need of more changes , and best of all, show the bittings and pinning charts in a truly usable form.

The master key system from David M. House allows you to determine those master keys from existing systems that were omitted by the lock manufacturer when originated or those which are obscure to the user.

This series of programs allow (but disapproves of) intentional cross-keying information.

All manufacturers standards are displayed and may be changed at any time at the users discretion.

The printout may be directly printed or held on disk with multiple variations of layout allowed.

$45.00 - Runs under DOS

See the Y2K information below.

This program is not certified as Y2K Complient

This program was written by David House. He died abou 1994. I am selling the program and remitting royalties to his widow. I am not a programmer, and I work mostly on a Mac. The agreement I made with David requires that I not alter his code. Had he lived he would have re-written the code to be a windows program and then made it complient. I have done no Y2K testing.

Resetting the system clock to an earlier date will allow the program to run, but it will cause problems with other aplication programs and communication programs that use the date. This program only uses the date to tell you the date you generated the master key system. It does not use it in any calculations.

There are some programs on the market that can diagnose and repair Y2K problems.The Mcaffee Y2K Bug program is designed to diagnose and repair Y2K problem and can insert patches into programs. It can not work on the compressed archeive on the program disk I send out. It may or may not fix the a copy of the program that has already been installed. We have not done any testing.

The Windows 2000 and future PC operating systems will not be backwards compatible and will not support DOS. Windows 95 and 98 are not totally Y2K complient. Windoes 2000 and windows NT are supposed to be completely Y2K complient.

If the bias is not Y2K complient on your computer, a crash will lock up the comp[uter and require the hard drive to be reformatted. This will result in the loss of all data and programs storred on the computer

We are now in the process of checking for Y2K problems in the with a diagnostic program to determine the extent of the problem.

JFB Desktop Publishing will not be responcible for any loss or crashing of your computer except for a refund of the purchase price of the David House program.

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