The material on the locksmith pages are for sale to locksmiths only. The purchaser must submit proof that they are licenced professional locksmiths. A photo copy of a state issued locksmith license, membership credential in any state or national locksmithing association, or photo copy of a yellow pages ad with city business licence will be acceptable as proof. Institutional locksmith can purchase with a company purchase order.

Still looking all over in the back of key blank catalogues to find substitutes? Move into the present with

KBX: Key Blank Cross-References

KBX is the easiest way to find a substitute key blank. Just type in the key blank number and it shows you what to substitute. If there are several nonequivalent blanks with the same name, it lists them by manufacturer and offers you the choice. You can use the labels to point to the location on your keyboard or to add other information that might help you.

Refer to 7-, 6-, and 5-pin blanks on the same screen. Find automotive blanks which are further classified according to bow material and shank length.

Use KBX to reduce training time with a new employee. Use it for those blanks that you once knew but have forgotten. Use it to find a blank with a different bow and reduce your inventory. (Use it as a game---its wealth of information will entertain you for hours.)

But most of all, use it to SAVE TIME. There are better ways to spend your time than looking for key blanks. Buy KBX now.

KBX is the first, largest and most accurate key blank cross-reference program for locksmiths and distributors. Updates are available twice yearly.

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