The material on the locksmith pages are for sale to locksmiths only. The purchaser must submit proof that they are licenced professional locksmiths. A photo copy of a state issued locksmith license, membership credential in any state or national locksmithing association, or photo copy of a yellow pages ad with city business licence will be acceptable as proof. Institutional locksmith can purchase with a company purchase order.

For our European customers:

KBX Europe

The European version of KBX is an extension of KBX Deluxe. It contains all the blanks and features found in KBX and KBX Deluxe, plus:

Key blanks by CEA, Kis, HD, Orion, JMA, Errebi, Lotus and several smaller manufacturers. Of course it includes Silca, Börkey, Ilco, Dominion, and all the other manufacturers already in KBX. At present, KBX Europe has over 66000 blanks.

All documentation is in English. The program is in English, French, and German.


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