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QX-Tools Pro 7
Now for Mac OS X and QuarkXPress 6! Increase your efficiency and creativity in QuarkXPress with QX-Tools Pro's valuable collection of must-have XTensions for creative professionals of any level.

QX-Tools Pro 7
Full Version Price: 159.95 Upgrade Price: 69.95

New QX-Tools Pro 7 Features


Powerful underlining that can skip decenders.


Make compound text selections based on any characteristic.


Quickly and easily select your fonts while viewing them in the actual typeface.


Drag your files from anywhere in Mac OS X right into Quark XPress. Say goodbye to the Place command.


Get the most out of Quark XPress 7 with these hot tips and tricks from Jay Nelson.

Many new updated XTensions

There have been lots of improvements to popular XTensions such as QX-FindChange, QX-Viewer, QX-Shortcuts and more!


QX-Tools Pro 7 is a complete overhaul of the most popular suite of XTensions for QuarkXPress. Now you can work faster and and more efficiently with these amazing productivity tools. QX-Tools Pro 7 supports QuarkXPress 7 for Mac OS X and is a Universal Binary for native support on Intel-based and PowerPC-based Macintosh computers.

Your Complete XTension Tool Kit

QX-Tools Pro 7 is an award-winning set of 13 XTensions that enhance QuarkXPress 7 by adding new functionality and making everyday tasks easier. Utility XTensions such as QX-Viewer, QX-DragAndDrop and QX-FindChange will make you more efficient than ever before. Fine Tune XTensions such as QX-Underline and QX-WYSIWYG will help bring out your creativity allowing you to create stunning documents. Whether you are a new QuarkXPress 7 user or a long time user upgrading, QX-Tools Pro 7 will become an indispensable part of your workflow.


QX-FindChange powerfully extends QuarkXPress search and replace to include nearly every type of QuarkXPress item, including text boxes, picture boxes, no content boxes, lines, colors, paragraphs, frames - even text on path parameters. Since tables in QuarkXPress are composed of boxes and lines, tables can also be handled using these categories. QX-FindChange ensures that you will never again need to go page by page through your document laboriously locating and fixing inconsistent lines, boxes, and other item attributes.


When you need more underlining power than the built-in underline option in QuarkXPress can offer you, QX-Underline is your tool of choice. With QX-Underline, your possibilities are limitless between line styles, thickness, color and more. You can save your underline styles for later re-use throughout your document.


QX-SuperSelect extends the power of the selection cursor enabling you to make dis-contiguous selections of text, or selections of text that are not adjacent to each other for easy modification. QX-SuperSelect also behaves like the Content tool in QuarkXPress when the cursor is clicked multiple times. Once QX-SuuperSelect is enabled, you are then at liberty to select portions of text dis-contiguously. Now, making the same change to words or blocks of text that do not run together is easier than ever before.


When you can't remember what "that one" font looked like and need a quick visual reminder, call on QX-WYSIWYG for assistance. With support for all font types, you won't be more than a few clicks away from applying the font you need. To put QX-WYSIWYG to work, simply select the text which you'd like to change the font of and then from the QX-WYSIWYG palette, double-click on the font you wish to use.


QX-DragAndDrop allows you to drag and drop images and text documents directly into a QuarkXPress 7 document from the Mac OS X Finder or from Adobe Bridge. Say goodbye to navigating through folders in an import dialog box. The benefit of QX-DragAndDrop is that you no longer have to rely on navigating through folders in the Import Text or Import Picture dialog boxes. Simply drag-and-drop files into the Quark document and picture boxes and text boxes will instantly be created and the image or document placed in the document.


QX-Tips&Tricks will provide new and advanced users with some great tips and tricks specifically for QuarkXPress 7 from the Quark guru and editor of Design Tools Monthly, Jay Nelson. Jay is the author and presenter of the short training video included in the QuarkXPress 7 box, as well as the comprehensive training video at Lynda.com.

Many More Improvements

Many of the other XTensions in QX-Tools Pro have been updated as well including:

  • QX-FindChange which allows you to batch together several Find-Change actions at one time.
  • QX-Viewer has been enhanced to add navigation buttons that moves the view to the next or previous page/spread while preserving the page zoom and zoom position.
  • QX-Shortcuts now allows users to create their own keyboard shortcuts or reassign existing Quark keyboard shortcuts.
  • All of the XTensions have been completely re-written to take full advantage of the new palette technology in QuarkXPress 7.

The QX-WYSIWYG Xtension gives you a preview of your type face before you apply it. QX-WYSIWYG supports True Type, Post Script Type 1 and Open Type fonts.

QX-SuperSelect allows you to make selections of text and objects that are not grouped together, saving you time when you want to apply a new style to multiple items in your QuarkXPress 7 document.

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