Heart of The Vocalist21: The Vocalist21 Engine

At the heart of the Vocalist21is the Vocalist21Engine, a robust run-time program which interfaces the voice hardware, synchronizing all telephone activity and executing commands from the Function Server. Running as a state machine this one program handles up to 64 phone lines. (Note: One disadvantage of development products like Stylus Visual Voice is that one instance of the program is required for every line.)

The Vocalist21Engine is the only component of Vocalist21that interfaces to voice and fax hardware and their drivers. Vocalist21Engine are currently in development to support NT drivers for Dialogic and Rhetorex boards as well as the TAPI specifications. Since the Programmable Function Server is independent of hardware and drivers, your development efforts on the Function Server will carry on to other voice platforms.

Keeps Logs for Voice and Fax Activities
The Engine monitors all the voice and fax lines and keeps a log of the line status. These detailed logs and status displays simplify your application development and test cycle.

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