Yes, you could use a few more helping hands in the office.

Voice Mail and Fax-On Demand technologies have finally come of age. They can free up the precious staff time that your company can put to other uses. How much time and labor is required by your company to satisfy requests for hard copy information? Let PhoneOfficetm do the job with Fax-On-Demand. It works at all hours of the day - and night - responding to requests for documents which callers can get in their hands right away.

Or -does your company still take all messages with pen and paper?

Or - do you occasionally miss calls?

Well, let the Voice Mail features of PhoneOfficetm automate your messaging needs. PhoneOfficetm can even forward messages to another number or send notification to a beeper.

Configure PhoneOfficetm as an Auto-Attendant and let calls be automatically routed to the right people. PhoneOfficetm can assume many of your call answering duties and at the same time present a favorable and business like impression of your company.

The First Voice Mail and Fax-on-Demand System for Windows

PhoneOfficetm was truly the first Voice Mail system to run completely under Windows. It takes full advantage of theWindows graphical interface to become the most intuitive and user friendly Voice Mail system around. You configure and view your voice menus right on screen. The application generator displays the voice tree structure right before your eyes.

Screen of a typical small business application modifiable in minutes

Screen of a modifiable sample Fax-On-Demand application...

The main window of PhoneOfficetm shows the list of all mailboxes on the left side and the hierarchical tree structure on the right. Creating a voice application is as easy as linking mailbox icons onto the tree.

The voice manager allows you to quickly and easily record greetings for your mailboxes with either a telephone handset or an AUX. input.

Each mailbox is defined by the Answering Functions Settings. The four main components of these settings are the Greeting (Voice prompt), the Allowable Tone Numbers (Caller input options), the Answering Functions (No function, Take message, Transfer, or Send fax), and Where to Go after Answering Funning (Hang up, Previous box, or Go to other box.) Mailboxes are connected as the nodes of a tree.

A sample screen of one of the Answering Functions settings - Take Message (Take message configure function)

The Message Forwarding Settings of each mailbox define how a message is forwarded to a preset number - or how the pager is to be activated.


Application Generator

At the heart of PhoneOfficetm is a powerful Application Generator. It allows you to tailor your voice menus into exactly what you need. Setting up your voice application is only a matter of linking up mailboxes that represent options the caller can choose to transverse the voice tree.


PhoneOfficetm can be integrated into your telephone switching system -PBX (Private Branch Exchange), Hybrid KSU (Key Service Unit), or 'Centrex'. By selecting a department from a voice menu or by entering an extension number, callers can immediately be transferred to the person or department they want. When the extension is busy or does not answer, PhoneOfficetm can take a message or give the caller the option to transfer to another extension. On a Centrex system, and even some sophisticated PBX systems, PhoneOfficetm can actually make transfers even to a Cellular phone...


PhoneOfficetm is configurable to either the 'one-call' or 'two-call' methods. With the 'one-call' method, the caller must be calling from a fax machine. PhoneOfficetm guides the caller with configurable voice menus to select the desired documents. After completing the choices, the caller simply presses the start button of the fax and the documents are transmitted instantaneously. The caller pays all the cost of retrieving the documents. With the 'two-call' method, the caller can be using any touch tone telephone. After selecting the desired documents, the caller is asked to enter the phone number of the fax machine which will receive the fax transmission. The requested documents are then put into an internal transmission queue to be faxed out automatically.

Voice Mail

PhoneOfficetm allows you to create up to 999 configurable mailboxes - each with password protection. You can assign a mailbox to each person in your company. Messages left in a mailbox can be accessed remotely by the mailbox owner - or directly from the screen - as shown below...


Even if there might be no phone system in your office, you can still set up an Auto-Attendant. The PhoneOfficetm can also be set up to page a selected person. The caller is put on hold while an external speaker (included) announces for the proper person (determined by the 'virtual' extension number enetred by the caller) to pick up the phone. If no one answers within a preset number of announcements, the PhoneOfficetm will take a message or give the caller other options.

Message Forwarding & Beeper Notification

After a caller leaves a message in a voice mailbox, PhoneOfficetm can forward the message to a phone number preset by the mailbox owner. PhoneOfficetm can also call the mailbox owner's beeper to notify him or her by displaying a preset number - or additionally the phone number that the caller had entered.

Outbound Scheduler

With PhoneOfficetm you can schedule a message to be delivered to a person or a group of people. PhoneOfficetm can be set up to request a confirmation of a message receipt - or to record the recepient's response. A log of scheduled calls and a status (success/failure), including those for all Fax-On-Demand transmissions, is maintained by PhoneOfficetm .

Auto-Detection of Fax Tones

PhoneOfficetm can recognize fax tones and route the incoming fax to an external fax machine (for hard copy) or to the internal fax box (for fax/moden reception). PhoneOfficetm enables you now to use a single telephone line for both voice and fax.

Fax Scanner

With PhoneOfficetm you can use your fax machine to scan documents directly into your computer. Simply connect the fax machine straight into the PhoneOffice card with a single telephone cable, insert the document to be scanned, and press the "Start" button on the fax machine. Use this convenient feature to set up fax-on-demand documents - and save on the cost of an expensive scanner...

Background Operation

PhoneOfficetm runs in the background of Windows so you do not need to dedicate a computer to handle any of the PhoneOfficetm activities. You can also run other Windows applications concurrently in the foreground while PhoneOffice answer all your calls.

Send Fax from any Windows Application

WINFAX Lite from Delrina is included with PhoneOffice so that you can send fax from any Windows application simply by printing.

Data Modem

PhoneOfficetm also includes an on-board 2400 BPS Hayes compatible data modem. If you require advanced high speed data transmissions, choose PhoneOffice Plus..It incorporates a 14.4 Kbps (v.32bis) modem with data compression (V42bis/MNP5) and error correction (V42/MNP 2-4) with a throughput of up to 115.2 Kbps.

Integrated Voice and Fax Technologies for the Total Solution to Office Communications

PhoneOfficetm brings powerful, and yet practical and affordable solutions to your company. With its Windows interface, it is tintuitive and easy to use. It is an exciting new product that will automate your office communications and allow you to service your customers better.

Install PhoneOfficetm or PhoneOfficetm Plus today, and soon you will be wondering how you ever managed without one.

Applications Features


  • Application generator with four mailbox types (Voice Prompt, Message, Send Fax, Transfer)
  • Multi-level tree structure.
  • Record voice prompts with telephone handset
  • Background operation in Windows.
  • On screen graphical disply of tree structure.
  • On-line help.
  • Sample applications to get you started.


  • One-call and two-call retrieval methods.
  • Fax scanner - use fax machine to directly scan documents into a send-fax mailbox.
  • lmport from text, ( PCX,TlFF, and BMP files.
  • Log of faxes delivered including fax number and documents selected.
  • Configurable maximum limit of selected documents.
  • Configurable number of retries and retry interval.
  • Forbidden numbers to restrict long distance or international calls.


  • Adjustable flash time for PBX or Centrex Transfers.
  • Call progress monitoring by tone detection or by manual acknowledgment from the receiver.
  • Auto-announce feature - instead of transferring the call, the speaker announces who should come topickup the phone.
  • Configurable # of rings or announcements to wait.
  • Configurable to take message if no answer.

Voice Mail

  • 999 mailboxes each with password protection. Up to 5 digits to identify mailbox.
  • Accepts voice message and/or phone number.
  • Configurable maximum incoming message length(up to 999 seconds).
  • Message indicator for each mailbox.
  • Message fowarding to present telephone number.
  • Pager notification with a default number or the number the caller keys in.
  • Remote access for message retrieval, setting changes, and voice prompt changes.
  • Time stamp for message.

Voice Scheduling

  • Dials out to deliver voice messages at scheduled times with receipt confirmation or response.
  • Delivers common message to a group of people.
  • Log of message delivery and response maintained.


  • Multiple Phonebooks supported.
  • Entries can be grouped.
  • Imports from dBASE Ill format.


  • Auto-detect between voice and fax.
  • Can route fax call to an external fax machine if you prefer to receive hard copy faxes.


  • WiNFAX Lite included with package.
  • Fax directly from any Windows application simply by the print command.

Hardware Specifications

System Requirements: IBM PC 386/486 and above or 100% compatible or above and capable of running Windows 3.1 or higher. Minimum 4MB RAM and 10 MB hard disk space.

Com Ports: Any from COM l to COM 4

Hardware Interrupts: lRO2-4, IRO9-11

Card Size: 4.25'X 8.7', 16-bit AT slot

Connectors: Telephone handset: RJ-11; Telephone line: RJ-11 Speaker (included): Mini jack; AUX input: Mini jack

Government Approvals: Class B FCC certification; Approved for use in USA and Canada, with 'default settings' for 23 other countries

Warranty: One year parts and labor

Fax Modem: CCITT V.29/V.27ter, Group 3

  • PhoneOffice - Class 1 - 9600 bps send, 4800 bps receive
  • PhoneOffice Plus - Class 1, Class 2 - Up to 14,400 bps send & receive

Data Modem

  • PhoneOffice - 2400 bps Hayes compatible
  • PhoneOffice Plus - 14,400/ 9600/ 2400 bps Hayes compatible (CClTTV.2bis, V32,V.22bis, V.22, V. 21, Bell 212A/103) Error Correction (V. 42/ MNP 5) Data Compress (V.42bis/MNP 2-4)


  • PhoneOffice -CVSO (delta modulation) - Sampling Rate: 5 KB/sec
  • PhoneOffice Plus - Windows 3.1 WAV (OLE compliant) PCM / ADPCM compression Sampling Rate: 11 KB/22 KB

Package Includes

  • PhoneOffice 16-bit voice/fax/modem card
  • PhoneOffice software and manual
  • Sample applications
  • WIN FAX Lite software and manual
  • Speaker with volume control
  • Telephone cord

System Requirements

  • IBM PC (386S/486 or above) or compatible
  • 4 MB RAM Minimun (8 MB recommended)
  • Windows 3.1 and above
  • Hard disk drive with 15 MB available

PhoneOfficePlus - all the features of PhoneOfficetm, Plus.....

If you want to get the most out of every dollar you spend, you'll love PhoneOffice Plus. Because with PhoneOffice Plus you will find everything you need for your office communications - and more. PhoneOffice Plus has all the features of PhoneOffice, but with an upgraded modem speed to 14.4 KBPS for today's Internet communications. Also, there is an upgrade to the high quality WAVE format files for the voice component. And probably the most important is a 'live music on hold' - from external source - for a real look and sound of a professional business.. So, now with PhoneOffice Plus you can have a Call Attendant, Voice mail, Fax-On-Demand, and a high speed data/fax modem all on one line.

14.4 Kbps Data Modem

PhoneOffice Plus incorporates 14.4Kbps (V.32bis) modem with data compression (V. 42 bis/MNP 5), error correction (V.42/MNP 2-4), and a throughput of up to 115.2 Kbps.

14.4 Kbps Fax Modem

PhoneOffice Plus allows users to send fax from any Windows application with speeds of up to 14.4 Kbps (both send/receive) under Class 1 or Class 2 fax/modern standards.

Wave Format Voice Files

PhoneOffice Plus records voice and sound as Windows 3.1 WAVE (OLE compliant) files with sampling rate of 5 K/sec up to 22 K/sec. The WAVE format allows one to use other Windows multimedia sound editing tools to edit the recorded voice prompts or to insert background music. PhoneOffice Plus also allows the users to record voice prompts with either a microphone or the telephone handset. Also, a speaker output jack is settable in either mono or stereo mode.

Auto-Announcement with external on-hold music input

PhoneOffice Plus has the auto-announcement feature like PhoneOffice but allows the user to input on-hold music from other music sources. The addition of this uniquea, and typically PBX feature to the system, is the distinguishing feature that puts the PhoneOffice Plus into the 'big league' of the Call Attendant/Voice mail systems costing many times more and yet relaying for this feature to be provided by the PBX system. PhoneOffice Plus delivers it with no PBX!

Package Includes

  • PhoneOffice Plus 16-bit voice/fax/modem board
  • PhoneOffice Plus System software and manual
  • WinFax Lite software and manual
  • Speaker with volume control
  • Telephone cord

System Requirements

  • IBM PC (386S/486 or above) or compatible
  • 4 MB RAM Minimun (8 MB recommended)
  • Windows 3.1 and above
  • Hard disk drive with 15 MB available

In conclusion, what is described here - both for PhoneOfficetm and PhoneOffice Plus, combined with the latest software versions (Version 1.34 and Version 3.13. respectively) which were designed to run on Windows 95, represents the crowning touches of a long term development and refinment process that the entire PhoneOfficetm products familiy has been in the course of - for several years now... It is a good sign of confidence that our customers have had in our products and also the fact that thousands of single line and hundreds of Multi line systems have been sold in USA and worldwide can serve to give confidence to anyone considering the PhoneOfficetm products...

But Convince yourself! Check it out for yourself! Call our system and put it through the paces... retrieve some documents... or just call to talk to our resident experts, who not only sell but also support the systems - so you will get answers to your questions straight 'from the horse's mouth'!...

Start by calling (650) 589-3583, and - as you will hear when you call - you can chose from the following options:

  • 100 - to retreive complete information package consisting of 9 crsip fax pages
  • 101 - to retreive the price list

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