PhoneOffice Multi DSP

"Function Box" IVR Options Section

The following 10 screens with associated comments should serve to best depict the tremendous power and flexibility, and the "imagination is the limit" type of characteristics of the Phoneoffice Multi DSP FUNCTION BOX's features...

Data Entry box - For data entry with confirmation - for order entry, multi-level password verification, efective/valid time/expiry date period verification etc.

Information Box - for info center, order proccessing, customer service, etc.

Compare Box - compares the input data with the pre-existing data in the system to determine the next step...

Scheduled call Box - used for Hotel style Wake-up call service

Pager dialing Box - used for pager activation

Change voice Box - used for Multi language applications...

Play voice Box - used for playing real time voice files in response to Data Base inquiries...

Loop Box - used for 'looping' of external applications...

Execution Box - runs external applications to access a Data Base - for voice response in real time by playing of a specific voice file...

Dial Box - used for all outbound dialing applications

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