PhoneOffice Multi DSP

"Line Detector" Section

Multi DSP system does have several unique features that asure its 100% reliability regardless of line conditions... The screens below visually demonstrate some of this 'line adaptability' and how these exceptionally powerful but user friendly tools make it easy even for the un-trained person to install some very professional systems on any phone lines anywhere in the world... (see the list of just some representative countries below).

In addition to the numerous "default setting" (23 countries presently), the screens above and below show the actual recording process of all the specific conditions on a particular line...

The recorded data shown on the screens above and below of all line conditions is now saved and it will be continuosly checked and compared with the existing conditions during the operation - to ascertain the highest reliability level.

And now even at the risk of an "overabundance" of such a variety of screens, here is something that indeed exceeds anything in this field: Phoneoffice Multi DSP is actually a scientific measuring instrument! Its capacity to analyze the relevant data goes beyond the capability even of a sophisticated Oscilloscope...

As shown below, it is capable of analyzing, measuring, and diagnosing the numerous components of a File with a recorded Wave form of the telephone line signals. The example shown is of an analysis of the frequency, silence level, and other relevant components etc., of the tones on a 'Pager Notification Call' placed to a Pager Activation system... The 'Pager1.Wav' file on the screen below was created through the line conditions detection/recording process depicted in the above screens of the 'Line Detector' section of the Phoneoffice Multi DSP...

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