Download Vocalist21 software

Congratulations on your decision to download Vocalist21 software for a free trial.

The software you are about to download is the full-blown 4-line version that runs under Windows 95 or Windows 3.X and works with Dialogic boards as well as Rhetorex, New Voice, Bicom, and other Dialogic compatible boards - also with Satisfaxtion and Gammalink fax cards.

You will be able to fully enjoy all the features and functions of the full-blown version ( this is not a demo or a 'crippled' trial version) - and on up to 4-lines - for the 30 day trial period.

After this time the software will still remain fully functional on a single port only.

If you do not have any of the above Voice Boards, you can still test and configure all the features with any 'SOUNDBLASTER' or compatible s o u n d card.

For more information about obtaining any of theese Voice Boards - or a 'SOUNDBLASTER' or compatible sound card, as well as any other hardware required for the installation of the Vocalist21 just fax to (800) 794 -8345

Finally, please fill out the registration form for our records before downloading the software.

It is essential that all fields are answered in order to proceed with the downloading. Your information will let us inform you of the future updates and it will be held in strictest confidence...

The form below will take you to another site for the download. Use your browswers "back button to return here.

 Name(first, last) 
 State               ZIP(Postal)Code 
 Phone Number     
 FAX Number       
 E-mail Address   
What voice board do you have?
 None  Dialogic Rhetorex NewVoice Brooktrout NMS Other
 What is your phone system?
 None  PBX Centrex Key System Hybrid 
 How many voice ports do you plan to install? 

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