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RDA: Reverse Domestic Auto

Most of the time, you will have a code number and use it to look up a combination. RDA is for the uncommon requirement that you have the combination to a lock or a key and wish to know what the actual code number would be for that combination.

RDA covers late-model domestic automobile locks: General Motors 1994+ codes, General Motors lettered keyways A through K, Ford FA and FB series, Ford 10 cut series, American Motors (and others) K and L series, Chrysler EP and ES series, Chrysler F, G, J, and L series, and Saturn R and T series. It also includes the General Motors 8000-9499 series.

When you run the program you are asked for the combinations. You supply the cuts for the key, or the combination of the lock, and the program tells you the code number or numbers which will lead to that combination. If none is available within the above group of series, then you will be told exactly that. If the combination is in any of the above group of series, then the program will list all codes which lead to that combination.

RDA: Reverse Domestic Auto is for IBM-compatible computers. You will need DOS 2.0 or higher. The software works on both monochrome and color monitors and can be run from a floppy or hard disk


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